Monday, August 01, 2011

Stone Cold Evil: Obama's Record on Abortion

Barack Obama has demonstrated all too clearly that he is one the worst Presidents in history. His dismantling of the American economy, his manipulative dealings to turn the country into a socialist Nanny State, his remarkable ineptness in foreign policy, his lousy work ethic, his boring and off-message speeches, his personal arrogance and whining petulance, his secretive and hypocritical practices, his extremely left-wing appointments, and his administration's repeated refusal to abide by the law and the U.S. Constitution -- all of these (and more) have caused a Presidency begun in extravagant idealism and hope to crash down in an utter failure.

Indeed, there are so many reasons to oppose Barack Obama's reelection to the Presidency that the most important of all is almost overwhelmed; namely, Barack Obama's unwavering zealotry regarding abortion.

Lest you forget, here is a rundown of Obama's long record of defending, promoting and providing for the abortion industry. I suggest you bookmark it and use it for reference. Perhaps run off a few copies to hand out to those who still haven't "got it" when it comes to honestly evaluating just how wildly pro-abortion this fellow is.

It's quite a list.