Monday, August 01, 2011

More Persecution of Christians in Cuba

Omar Gude Perez, a Cuban evangelical pastor who was thrown into prison for preaching the gospel was granted asylum by the United States. But what good is that when the Cuban government refuses to allow Perez to leave Cuba? Well, the U.S. decision is helpful for drawing attention to his case (and thereby to the plight of thousands of political prisoners unjustly persecuted, imprisoned and killed by the Castro brothers) and that decision may have helped get Perez out of a jail cell.

But imprisoned in Communist Cuba he remains until his full sentence is finished. And that won't be until 2014. Meanwhile, Pastor Perez is carefully watched by security police, his movements are restricted and, of course, he is not allowed to preach or carry on any of his other pastoral services.

Prayers are most definitely in order.

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