Thursday, August 04, 2011

Michelle Malkin on ObamaCare's "Free" Birth Control Mandate

As the above post explains, the new requirement in ObamaCare that even the health insurance policies of religious institutions be required to pay for sterilization, birth control and chemical abortifacients, is a sinister attack on religious freedom and on religion itself. For the radical socialist ideology which stimulates the aggressive actions of Barack Obama (and a majority of the Democrat leaders in Washington) wants religion out of the public square -- indeed, out of public service -- altogether.

For then the people will have no master but government.

Michelle Malkin understands this well but she also sees how devastating this will be to the American economy. In this interview she explains how the "free" in this debacle is anything but, how sneaky the Democrats played this game and how very serious are the consequences of this despotic move of the administration.