Thursday, August 18, 2011

Vital Signs Ministries: A Day in the Life

Yesterday's blogging was preempted by other matters; namely, joining friends in praying and sidewalk counseling outside the Planned Parenthood abortion center, presenting "When Swing Was King" at Maple Crest nursing home, working on a new Vital Signs Ministries brochure and, oh yes, dealing with a broken tooth.

Our presence at the abortion mill yesterday was part of our new sidewalk counseling schedule. We're currently taking two Wednesday mornings a month (those are the days that we believe they are committing surgical abortions there) as well as morning shifts on the two Saturdays they are open. Yesterday it was Claire and I, Quint Coppi and Carol Moran. (Last Saturday we were blessed to have Pat Eberly, Keith and Carol Moran, Bev Weis, Matt Troutman, Al Harrell and Quint Coppi beside us.)

The physical set-up of the building makes sidewalk counseling extremely difficult. But we do sometimes get a chance to speak to the abortion clients. And, of course, our beautiful baby signs, our colorful banners and our signs with specific Planned Parenthood messages (including one warning of the dangers of RU-486 and the "morning after pill") also carry basic, clear and compelling messages of truth even to those driving into the back parking lot.

And yesterday morning those signs and banners may have played a part in helping one young couple decide against abortion. We do not know that for sure but there were indications that made us optimistic about that possibility.

I also had the opportunity to speak to the security guard yesterday.  I had never met the guy before but when he came out of the building he addressed me by my first name. (My reputation precedes me, I guess.) But the exchange, though brief, was cordial and I hope it bodes well for future conversations.

The presentation of "When Swing Was King" was our second at this particular facility so the set-up was a bit quicker and more efficient. Our audience consisted of 20 residents (a few staff members were hanging around too) and the proverbial good time was had by all. There are a few residents here who are particularly hep when it comes to big band music and so the conversations afterward are really fun. The comments of thanks and praise were (as always) wonderful and (as always) greatly appreciated.

The brochure work is way overdue but other things have pushed this task into the background for some time now. However, a request from the guys promoting the 2011 Providential History Festival (where Vital Signs Ministries will have an information booth) has spurred us to finally get around to creating an up-to-date brochure.

And finally, the tooth thing was a hassle last night but this morning I got a fix from the drug store that should hold me over until tomorrow's visit to Dr. Curry, our dentist. The fix is in the form of a paste that forms a buffer between my tongue and a jagged and very sharp tooth edge. Actually, it wasn't a complete surprise. The tooth had cracked quite awhile ago and I was just trying to make it until my next dentist appointment. Almost made it. Anyhow, I'll be drinking lunch and dinner today but that's a small price to pay (along with the $5 fix) for the relief.