Friday, July 15, 2011

"You Took 50 Years Off My Life This Afternoon!"

We're off for another "When Swing Was King" presentation this afternoon and it's at one of our very favorite places, Immanuel Courtyard. My Mom lived in the assisted living facility there for almost a year before moving to Life Care Center nursing home and so we have friends among both the staff and residents. Plus, it's always a great crowd. We take turns presenting the program -- one month over on the independent living side, the next month over on the assisted living side. But each group is invited every month so we always have a large and lively crowd.

One of the nicest compliments "When Swing Was King" has received so far was connected to this facility for, just this past week, we were invited to introduce the program to a new place. The invitation came from a fellow who had been an assistant there at Immanuel Courtyard but had now been promoted to be the Activities Director at another facility here in town. He called Claire and said, "You guys were always such a hit over at Immanuel. The folks there just loved your program and they loved you two as well. They looked forward every month to you showing up and they talked about it long after you left. And I was wondering if it would be at all possible if you could bring 'When Swing was King' to the place I'm at now."

It is possible and we were thrilled to put his facility on our list.

Last week we were told by a lady that our presentation of "When Swing Was King" had just taken 50 years off her life. Well, that may be a stretch but it does suggest to you the level of enthusiasm that the program is still generating as we enter our second year. Keep praying for us and for those friends we're making. And you might also keep in mind how much a donation to Vital Signs Ministries will help us keep going strong. Remember, we present "When Swing Was King" completely free of charge and we aim to keep it that way. Therefore, the support of individuals, churches, Sunday School classes, you name it, would be very much appreciated. Thanks.