Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Want Help In Getting Your Kid to Read?

Chuck Colson writes:

A few months ago, we held a teen fiction event at BreakPoint. I talked about it on the radio, and our website,, we devoted an entire week to reviews and recommendations of what are now called young adult novels. We covered all kinds of books and even gave you excerpts from a few of them.

The response from our audience was overwhelming. It turns out that quite a few Christian parents have been searching for good book recommendations for their teenagers and preteens. Christian teachers and librarians were interested as well. Many of you gobbled up our suggestions and eagerly asked for more.

Well, I’m happy to tell you that we have launched our new Youth Reads page at, specifically designed for parents and educators who want to find good books for this age group.

Just go to our website and look for “Youth Reads”; it’s very easy to spot. On this page, we’ll be providing short reviews of all kinds of books for teens and preteens. Maybe you’re looking for a Christian viewpoint on some hot new mainstream series that all your children’s classmates are reading. Or maybe you are trying to find something from a Christian author that your teen might like, or just trying to get an overview of what’s available in both secular and Christian fiction. Well, we’ll have all that for you and more...

Here's the rest of this BreakPoint program.