Friday, July 08, 2011

Safe, Legal & Rare? The Abortion Industry Cares for None of These.

Jill Stanek reports on a few of the items uncovered from investigations of Louisiana abortion clinics. And, sadly, they are items not at all dissimilar to what's being found in abortion mills around the country.

Breaking the law -- Failure to report statutory rape.

A doctor whose medical license had been put under specific restrictions prohibiting him from delivering babies was nevertheless allowed guessed it...perform surgical operations on women.

Breaking the law -- Improper privacy policies.

Breaking the law -- The medical equipment (i.e., the vaginal ultrasound probe) was not cleaned properly between uses.

Breaking the law -- Failing to report abortions done on minor girls to parents.

Breaking the law -- Ignoring 24-hour waiting period, even in cases of late-term abortion.

The absence of any licensed nurse on staff.

Breaking the law -- No current fire marshal inspection.

No recovery period allowed. Patients were released as soon as their abortions were finished. ("We killed your kid. We got your money.. Now get out of here.")

Safe, legal and rare? The abortion industry cares not a whit for women's health and safety. And legality is ignored altogether when it gets in the way of the abortionist's ideology or zeal for profit. And rarity? That's the biggest laugh of all as individual abortionists, Planned Parenthood and the feminist movement as a whole promotes abortion at every turn.

And left in the ruins of this cruel, manipulative industry? Dead babies, scarred women, and a corrupted culture.