Wednesday, July 06, 2011

"Premarital Sex and Abortion: Where is the Church?"

Statistics show that the abortion rate is really no different for Christians than it is for those of other faiths or those who don’t attend church at all! The same is true for pre-marital sex. Over 95% of the women who come to us at the AAA Center for Pregnancy Counseling are single and sexually active, and 55% claim to have Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Some admit that they are living a sinful life which they know is displeasing to God, but the vast majority have not made that connection at all! They see no contradiction between their sexual activity and their faith.

A growing number also see no connection between aborting their child and their relationship with God. Just this week, a young woman who attended church and claimed to be a believer stated that her abortion was okay because God would forgive her. When her advocate reminded  her that God forgives, but there are consequences for our sinful actions, she became very angry and accused the volunteer of being judgmental.  Perhaps her church has been afraid of the same reaction and been holding back on teaching the sometimes hard truth of the Scriptures. Right and wrong have been watered down in a sea of overemphasis on love and acceptance...

This Barb Malek essay, "Premarital Sex and Abortion: Where is the Church?" is an exceptional one. Read it here at her blog Erase the Need.