Thursday, July 14, 2011

Omaha School Board Demands Far-Left "Sensitivity Training" for All Employees

You still think elections of local school board members are a minor thing? Even when you learn that the Omaha School Board voted unanimously (okay, one gal abstained -- big help, that) to spend $130,000 to buy 8,000 copies of a radical, anti-American, anti-Christian "diversity manual" and then require that every employee of the school system (right down to the custodial staff) read it?

Guys, this isn't merely a case of over-the-top fiscal irresponsibility -- though it certainly is that. It is also a case of bureaucratic bullying, an insistence that the psycho-babble of the far left become required indoctrination of the people who are in charge of our community's children. And, of course, the whole design is to pass on these "enlightened" views to those kids.

Reports the Omaha World-Herald of the sensitivity text, The book says teachers must overcome irrational fear of homosexuality and reject the “color-blind” approach to teaching in which teachers treat all children the same...

Only those educators who acknowledge the existence of white privilege in America, that “white” is a culture in America and that race “is a definer for social and economic status” can reach proficiency, the authors contend. Those who score poorly on the worksheet are asked in the book what they will do “to align yourself with the values expressed.”

The Omaha World-Herald uses this understatement, "The book by Virginia education consultants could raise some eyebrows with its viewpoints."

Uh, really?

But when you denigrate Western civilization, insist that American government and institutions “channel wealth and power to white people,” urge educators to become social activists in liberal causes, and denounce America's schools of being guilty of a "systemic oppression" of racial minorities, women, and homosexuals, then "raised eyebrows" are not nearly enough of a reaction.

Particularly when you remember that the School Board's policy here is that every single OPS employee be forced to endure this sensitivity re-training.

(And did I mention that School Board President Sandra Jensen admits she didn't even read the book before ordering its purchase? Unbelievable.)

This madness must be vigorously opposed and I suggest three important ways. 1) Politely protest through letters and calls. (Here's the web page with contact information and here's my letter which you can use as a sample).  

2) Determine right now to oppose the election of these School Board despots when they stand for re-election. Start talking to friends, neighbors, storekeepers and so on about this horrendous act, one that combines liberal coercion with the foolish spending of taxpayer money. Get the ball rolling and keep it rolling so that these people cannot commit such expensive and culturally damaging actions in the future.

And 3) Understand that this is only the latest in a long line of scandals showing just how loony, how domineering and how irresponsible are the people who run the government schools. Do your kids a lifelong favor and get them out of there ASAP.