Friday, July 01, 2011

A Major Oops for Obama: Insists He's Staying to Work Just Before He Goes On Vacation

More basketball games and golf outings than you can count -- certainly far more than any President ever. And then add to all of those the endless parties, fundraising events, music performances at the White House, beach breaks and vacations.

And then this guy whines about Republicans taking time off for the 4th of July?

Barack Obama cannot seem to understand why his outlandish chutzpah is wearing thin with the American people. Indeed, the enormity of his hypocrisy is laughable. Case in point? Two days after his petulant behavior at a press conference (one in which he harshly criticized Republican Congressman for scheduling time back in their districts for Independence Day celebrations), Obama announced his plans to take off for a long 4th of July vacation down at Camp David himself! And that break is just a teaser for a much longer vacation at Martha's Vineyard later this summer.

At the press conference Obama whined about the Congressman not being around and peevishly said, "But I'll be here." But he won't! And he knew he wouldn't be there. And yet his moon-sized ego makes him believe he can get away with such whoppers.

Look, Mr. President, you made a very big deal about your sticking around Washington to get work done. And you made that big deal in front of a lot of reporters and TV cameras who were covering one of your very rare press conferences. Do you really think people are not going to notice this "major oops" of yours or that they're going to forget it?


This guy is something else. And this guy has just gotta' go.