Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's a “Lt. Dan Band” Party!

“Lt. Dan Band: For The Common Good” is the award-winning feature-length documentary that transcends genres and celebrates America’s heroes.  This moving film chronicles the journey of Academy Award nominated actor, Gary Sinise who since 9/11, has vowed to never to forget those who are willing to give all.

By following Gary and his “Lt. Dan Band” around the world for nearly two years, including Kuwait and Iraq, we meet many of our brave men and women in uniform, our heroic first responders, their families, and the wonderful citizens that support them.  In the process, we are inspired ourselves to actively participate in supporting America’s finest, and to also never forget.

With an amazing soundtrack and special appearances by numerous celebrities, including Academy Award winners Jon Voight and Robert Duvall, as well as many others, “Lt. Dan Band: For The Common Good” combines star power, great music and an uplifting message that resonates with a wide audience.

It is that rare film that entertains even as it inspires.

Would you like to watch “Lt. Dan Band: For The Common Good” with a few like-minded friends? Would you like the opportunity to share together in this moving patriotic experience? Would you like to enjoy some of Claire's chocolate chip cookies afterward? Then give us a call and say you'll join us for a Lt. Dan Band party next Monday evening at 7:00. If there's too big a crowd, we'll shift the venue from our house in northwest Omaha to a church hall or something. But c'mon, let's do this. Those of you who know our number, call us. Those who don't, send us an e-mail at

If you can't wait and want to watch the movie over the internet before then -- or if you'd just like more information about the film, Gary Sinese, or the cause -- please go to this web site.