Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Bizzaro Morality: When Anything Goes, Nothing Matters

I have noted here on more than one occasion that we are in the midst of a coup de culture that seeks to supplant the Judeo/Christian philosophical underpinning of society with one that combines explicit utilitarianism, open support for hedonistic indulgence, and a “faith” founded neo earth religion/scientism.  Thus we have seen increasing advocacy aimed at casting aside self restraint and eradicating “taboos” against individual behaviors ranging from the normalizing of suicide, to promoting the acceptability of sexual extremes such as consensual adult incest, engaging in bestiality, and breaking gender biological roles, e.g., a male writing in Slate about how he tried to manipulate his body into lactating.

Now, working the same vein, the NYT Magazine has a huge cover story pushing consensual adultery, byline its “Beliefs” writer, Mark Oppenheimer.

Want to read a couple of excerpts of Oppenheimer's outrageous obliquity? Better still, would you like to also read more of Wesley J. Smith's penetrating analysis of these absurd notions? Good. You can do so right here. But be forewarned -- it's not pretty.