Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Big Hollywood Is a Big Hit

One of the blogs I frequent pretty regularly is Big Hollywood, a must for conservatives who are interested in that particular arena of the culture wars we know as "arts and entertainment." To tease you into checking it out, I'm listing just a few choice bits from recent offerings over there.

* Finally, don’t underestimate the importance of this issue [knowing conservative films from liberal ones]. Hollywood defines modern American culture.  There’s no escaping that.  It influences the way people see the world, how they solve their problems and whom they look to for solutions.  It is the parent that so many parents are not.  And unless conservatives want Hollywood raising a generation of reflexive liberal thinkers, we need to depoliticize the film industry." ("What Constitutes a Conservative Film?" by Andrew Price)

* ...And so here’s what happens when tolerance triumphs over safety. The end result is filth and lawlessness. And the rest of us flee.

A survey of 1800 students found that half avoid downtown Berkeley because its dirty and dangerous. And women are especially fearful – perhaps because some creepy dudes want more than change.  But shouldn’t it bug the left that the most progressive people on the planet are willing to sacrifice the safety of its city’s female students – all to save face at their poetry readings?

Probably not. They’d rather put co-eds at risk, than their reputations as open-minded libs.

So as another progressive Utopia is realized, let us all thank the summer of love – by romanticizing squalor and condemning order – it leaves you with a filthy town and no one to clean it.
("‘Summer of Love’ Legacy Lives On" by Greg Gutfeld)

* With the MSM , patriotism is always “simplistic” and/or “jingoistic.” You never read reviews that say, “simplistically angsty” or “simplistically brooding” or “simplistically dark.”

Yesterday in the comments, someone quoted someone who said something the effect of “angst is much easier to write than nobility.” And this is very, very true. The same is true with sincerity over irony and inspirational over nihilism.

This approach to patriotism is all a lie, a ploy from the Left to turn what really is simplistic and lazy (nihilism, angst, irreverence, irony) into “art,” when just the opposite is true. What the Left despises about themes that lift the human spirit is that they’re more often than not, conservative themes — themes of self-sacrifice, selflessness, fidelity, manhood, bravery, and nobility. Whereas darker, simpler themes or a complete lack of theme, appeals to the all-about-me, chaotic narcissism that so defines the Left.
  ("Hollywood Reporter: ‘Captain America’ Sticks to ‘Simplistic, Patriotic Origins'" by John Nolte)

* Barack Obama’s approval rating is presently a rousing 42%. That means the largest portion of the sane American public would love to see the first family pack up their Samsonites® and head back to the Winfrey City, famous for deep-dish pizza, Mayor Rahm, and the type of thuggish politics the head of the house is obviously comfortable with.

However, President Barack Obama’s latest fundraising report cites an “A-list of Hollywood stars, with donations from some of the top celebrities in the entertainment industry.” Apparently, left-coast liberals want to see to it that the best script reader since Martin Sheen has another shot at practicing lines on set while acting the part of President...

What could be better for Hollywood than a President who swims around in a policy cesspool similar to the one they refuse to empty in Tinsel Town, overflowing with the squalid water of loose morals, abortion rights, angry feminists, racial indignation, class warfare, and overall elitist hypocrisy?...

The fact that big name stars contribute to Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection bid proves once again that ideological liberals lack intelligence and common sense.  Little do they know that if Obama gets another four years, it’s certain he’ll drive a stake through the heart of the nation that has bestowed fame and fortune on ignorant people who like to play pretend.
("Hollywood Hoping for Obama, The Sequel" by Jeannie DeAngelis)