Friday, July 08, 2011

Back in the Swing (Part Two)

It's been a good week so far -- productive, pleasant and fast-moving. Blogging has gone well and there's been a strong return in traffic levels after the general hiatus of last month. I've written a bunch more thank you cards, some letters, and this month's LifeSharer letter. In fact, we printed it up yesterday along with the envelopes and we'll be sending it out this afternoon. The painting is done and the lawn has been mowed.

And we're back in the swing with "When Swing Was King," having given two presentations in the last two days. One of them was at a new facility but the crowd was so large and enthusiastic that the activities director signed us up for a monthly gig right then! (It's nice to be appreciated, huh?) The second presentation was an emotional one for us as it was at Life Care Center where my Mom lived the last two years of her life. To look over at Claire while the music played and not see Mom sitting beside her was pretty tough.  After the presentation, we stuck around for an hour visiting with staff members who, like us, also miss Ionia a great deal. She was quite a lady.

Claire and I are also back in a social sense too. We had a delightful dinner last night with Quint and Carol Coppi and Karla Struble. It was part birthday party, part catch up time and it was great. I'm off for lunch to see Allen Nelson in a few minutes but Claire is having breakfast with a high school chum who was also her roommate in their freshman year at college. She hasn't seen her since those days so she was very excited about that meeting. We've also enjoyed some very nice moments this week with the little kids who are visiting our next door neighbor. They've helped Claire pull weeds; they made s'mores for me for my birthday; and we've heard all about their visit to the zoo. This weekend we're doing a picnic complete with bubble making and maybe some kite flying.

Like I said, it's been a good week.