Friday, July 15, 2011

5 Coal Plants Closing; 600 Jobless; Electric Bills Up 35%. Gee, Thanks, Mr. President.

One of Barack Obama's campaign admissions was that he would make America greener even if he had to severely damage the coal industry. But coal provides America with 57% of her electricity! How audacious a position, right? A position that he would have to renege on in order to keep the country powered up, right?


Dave Blount over at RightWing News points out that Obama's Environmental Protection Agency is forcing the close of 5 coal-fired power plants in addition to requiring American Electric Power to spend between 6 and 8 billion dollars to comply with a series of pending EPA regulations. That also means eliminating 600 jobs and a spike in electricity prices of up to %35.

Says Blount, "Just the ticket to revive our debt-ravaged economy. Without the electricity generated by coal, what is going to make the farcical electric cars we’re forced to subsidize go? Maybe the EPA will impose a regulation dictating that they have to run by magic."

He then illustrates where this kind of disastrous planning leads to by posting a satellite photo of South Korea and North Korea. You can see it at the right above. Note the darkness. Better still, fear the darkness.

And, most important of all, fight the darkness -- by making sure there's a conservative elected in 2012.