Friday, June 10, 2011

Who Cares About Women? Abortion Zealots Ignore Health Standards By Pushing RU-486 Through the Mail.

Once again we see evidence that abortion organizations are irrationally enamored with the idea of killing preborn kids -- a fixation that is as anti-woman as it is anti-child.

Mary Novick reports for about an abortion organization that is getting around the laws of pro-life countries by shipping the RU-486 through the mails. These abortionists are committed by ideology as much as the profit motive to selling this deadly drug to uninformed women though physicians (and even the drug manufacturers themselves) clearly explain that using RU-486 without the direct involvement of a doctor is recklessly dangerous.

A pro-abortion website is targeting women in pro-life countries like Poland, Ireland, Malta and others for distribution of the abortion drug, RU-486. The goal of this website is to undermine pro-life laws and to reduce maternal mortality due to “unsafe abortions.”[1] directs women through an online questionnaire, where they answer questions about gestational age etc. Then this organization will ship abortion drugs to the women in these pro-life countries, where the woman will take the drugs at home. The physician disseminating the drug does not physically examine the woman before sending her the drug, nor is he/she available should complications arise.

Whatever the goal of this site may be, distributing abortion drugs to women – especially if they have not been physically examined by the physician – is “unsafe.” The protocol for distribution of RU-486 as prescribed by the manufacturer, Danco Laboratories, requires that physicians supervise the administration of the abortion drug in order to assess potential complications and to intervene surgically if necessary. The prescriber’s agreement indicates that a physician must have the:

• Ability to assess the duration of pregnancy accurately.

• Ability to diagnose ectopic pregnancies.

• Ability to provide surgical intervention in cases of incomplete abortion or severe bleeding, or have made plans to provide such care through others, and are able to assure patient access to medical facilities equipped to provide blood transfusions and resuscitation, if necessary.[2]

A physician in another country assessing an online survey does not have the ability to make these determinations/ interventions. It is absolutely “unsafe” to distribute the abortion drug in this manner.

Furthermore, it is not uncommon for serious complications – requiring surgical intervention – to occur for women who attain the abortion pills online. A study conducted from April to December 2006, and published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology found that 13.6 %[3] of women who used the abortion pill at home reported being admitted to the hospital to undergo suction/ curettage abortion for incomplete abortion or excessive bleeding. This study provides clear evidence that serious complications are common among women who use this drug...

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P.S. This irresponsible (let alone, immoral) promotion of chemical abortion is also common with Planned Parenthood. Indeed, their policy of distributing RU-486 via webcam is in place in several states. It is a policy pro-life advocates and all others who desire to defend high standards of women's health need to strongly oppose. The Nebraska legislature has led the way with its recent passage of  the Stop Web Cam Abortions law, one which should become a model for other states.