Monday, June 06, 2011

Reviewing Jack Niewold's "Frail Web of Intention"

Jack Niewold's "Frail Web of Intention" is a remarkable memoir, an intriguing and insightful review of not only the author's life but the turbulent times and culture he has shared with Americans of the postwar decades. It is a remarkably honest book that gives the reader plenty to identify with and to ponder. The book is attractive too in the effectiveness and sheer beauty of its prose - proof that poets like Niewold can sometimes succeed quite well in other genres. It is one of the most provocative and engaging books I've read in recent years.

The theme of "Frail Web of Intention" is a familiar one, man's search for significance and spiritual meaning. But Niewold's strength (besides the fluidity of his prose) is that he draws the reader in so well. He makes the reader genuinely interested in his personal story. Yet, at the same time, he succeeds in stimulating the reader's own memories and reflections...

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