Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Pro-Choice Myths: Busted

Marianne Mollmann, the director of women’s rights advocacy at Human Rights Watch, had a post last week on The Hill’s Congress blog that nicely encapsulated elite opinion on abortion policy. It is well written, measured in tone, and respectful of the concerns of pro-lifers. It also offers policy prescriptions that are totally incorrect.

Mollmann makes two arguments. First, the legal status of abortion does not impact its prevalence. People will not change their sexual activity, and the legal status of abortion will not affect the resolution of any crisis pregnancies. Secondly, the best way to reduce abortion rates is to improve access to contraception and offer more generous public support to pregnant women through family leave and support for child care. This approach certainly appeals to some on the political left. In reality, however, there exists very little empirical data to support either of Mollmann’s arguments.

"Debunking Elite Opinion on Abortion Policy" is Michael J. New's latest essay in National Review and it's a very good one. Read how he politely (but thoroughly) demolishes Ms. Mollmann's liberal claims right here.