Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Obama, Democrats Sliding in the Polls

I'm sure the White House and the Democratic National Committee are not pleased to see the latest public opinion polls. This morning, for instance, Rasmussen's latest showed Barack Obama losing to any Republican. The same poll puts Republicans running for Congress with a 7 point lead on the Democrats.

But while this is hopeful news for those who want to rescue our country from incompetence, irresponsibility and the ever-growing powers of the Nanny State, it can also create a false sense of security among conservatives.

Guys, we do not have this in the bag.

Indeed, when you consider 1) the media being so heavily skewed to the left, 2) the Democrat bureaucracies being in charge of the vote counting, 3) the mindlessness and craving for entitlement shown by a large portion of the American electorate, and 4) the penchant of Democrats for dirty tricks and October surprises, then you remember we are still fighting a very uphill battle.

So don't be satisfied with the polls and don't let them curb your zeal to keep telling everyone you know about what's happened to America under President Obama. Keep talking about the economy tanking, about the President's preference for golf and basketball over the hard work of leadership, and about the moral devolution of culture that comes with a Chief Executive and his Democrat Party who so aggressively promote abortion, embryonic stem cell research, same-sex marriage, the marginalization of Christianity, the usurpation of Constitutional freedoms, and so on.

A 4% lead isn't enough to crow about. It's only enough for us to redouble our efforts to take back America.