Monday, June 27, 2011

Back from Colorado

After my Mom's funeral, after the family gatherings and after a couple days of much-needed readjustment in the mountains of Colorado, Claire and I are back in Omaha and back at work.

Driving back from Denver, we had an excellent discussion about the next chapters of our lives (especially as they relate to spiritual priorities, Vital Signs Ministries, family and friends, and our services to Faith Bible Church) and we're ready to go.

Life will be a lot different for us than it has been for the last several years of my Mom's afflictions but we believe the Lord is now showing us just how that extra time on our agenda should be filled in.

Highlights in Colorado included the services at the Foothills Chapel and grave site, the many family conversations at Ric and Ellen's, a great family picnic up in the mountains, the discovery of a previously unknown diary of my Mom's that included precious comments about her courtship with Dad, a couple of nostalgia tours around Denver, a meal at our favorite Denver restaurant (Piccolo's) and 3 other meals at places visited by the Food Network's “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,” a couple of days in the mountains with just Claire and I, and several visits with Colorado friends and family. It was a very hectic, very emotional week -- one that we will never forget.

But now we're back and ready to proceed with "When Swing Was King" presentations, developing a prayer presence outside the Planned Parenthood abortion center, expanding our Russian-language web site (along with the VSM site and the daily blog), continuing our educational efforts aimed against chemical abortion, and pursuing a more personal, more persistent visitation ministry. It should be a busy summer.