Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Smiley Face Gospel

“If our biggest need is to feel good about ourselves, God could have sent Oprah. If our big need is to get along with our family, God could have sent Dr. Phil. But if God sent his Son to die a brutal, horrifying death as a payment for human sin, then surely our sin must be more heinous than ‘feeling empty inside.’”

"The greatest threat to Christianity may not be modern culture, blatant heresies, or the rise of Islam. If the seeds of destruction can come from the counterfeit, could it be such seeds are slowly being planted through the counterfeit gospels within the church? Could it be that we are unwittingly participating in ‘printing’ the counterfeit gospel?”

(Trevin Wax, pastor and author of the new book Counterfeit Gospels, as quoted in a provocative Christian Post article which, among other things, looks at the influence of Rob Bell's recent entry into heresy. Good reading here.)