Friday, April 08, 2011

Recommended Reading for the Weekend

 It's a very busy day and we've got a special presentation of "When Swing Was King" coming up in just a little while so here's a quick compilation post with suggestions for your Friday/weekend reading and reflection. Have at 'em.

*  Janice Shaw Crouse has a very troubling but extremely important article in the American Spectator. Entitled "Family Deformation," it deals with the "baby daddy" culture -- especially troubling when she talks about those who stick their heads in the sand about the very tragic results this sexually irresponsible culture is producing.

Forget the media's glorification of the single mom. Check out this article to see what really is going down.

*  On the good news front, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that a North Carolina university’s decision to deny a professor a promotion based on religious and political commentary (inspired by his conversion to Christianity from atheism, by the way) is unconstitutional.

*  How can liberal democracies justify prosecuting people who wear crosses or refuse to preside at same-sex marriages and still pride themselves on being tolerant? Mercator asks this question and more of Australian sociologist Michael Casey. It proves a very enlightening interview.

* Speaking of intolerance, back in 2008 National Review printed a notable excerpt from Jonah Goldberg's classic book, Liberal Facism. The excerpt deals with Margaret Sanger, the eugenics movement and the adoption of Sanger's ethics and goals by Planned Parenthood.

* And finally, here's a piece from The Scriptorium (thanks to Gina Dalfonzo for the tip) about England's wartime monarch, King George VI. I didn't particularly care for the opening of the article (references to St. Joseph and to a scene in the film, "The King's Speech") but the bulk of the article is pure gold because the author gets out of the way and let's Winston Churchill's eulogy to the king take center stage. Exquisite language and ideals. Very moving.