Monday, April 11, 2011

Obama's New War Goes Badly; Slips Out of the News

What with all the budget talk, I was just wondering whether that third war — or kinetic scope-limited whachamacallit — was still going. You remember, it was in all the papers for a couple of days. So I guess things have gone quiet because it’s all wrapped up now? Apparently not...

The Tunisians got rid of Ben Ali in nothing flat, Mubarak took a couple of weeks longer to hit the road, and an exciting new ‘Islamic Emirate’ has just been proclaimed in South Yemen. But, with his usual unerring instinct, Barack Obama has chosen to back the one Arab liberation movement who can’t get rid of the local strongman even when you lend them every functioning NATO air force.

(Mark Steyn, "Non-Breaking News," National Review)