Wednesday, April 06, 2011

In Obama's Zeal for Abortion, He's Willing to Shut Down the Government

The question of when life begins is, as you well remember, above Mr. Obama's pay grade. But that hasn't stopped him from surpassing even Bill Clinton as the U.S. president most dedicated to promoting abortion. After all, Barack Obama is trying to force Americans into paying for abortions. Indeed, by removing conscience protections, Barack Obama is going further than any Democrat fanatic has even dared attempt -- he is trying to force Americans into literally performing abortions.

And now, by golly, Barack Obama has announced he is willing to shut down the government in order to protect the immoral largess provided by American taxpayers to the mega-abortion industry of Planned Parenthood.

Let your Congressmen and Senators know that the question of when human life begins isn't above your pay grade. Let them know you insist upon them standing up to this abortion bully. Tell them you want Planned Parenthood de-funded right now.