Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Few More Letters

Now please keep in mind that the reason I share these letters and links with you is because I earnestly hope they will motivate you to write a couple yourself.

In fact, it's a priority purpose of Vital Signs Blog -- informing readers who will then take appropriate action.

That action always includes prayer and passing along the information to others. But it sometimes means writing a letter or making a phone call. So, in addition to the P.A.L.Night related posts from yesterday (How to Run a Letter-Writing Party, Writing to Planned Parenthood Supporters: An Example, and A Very Productive P.A.L. Night), here's a few more from my pile of letters the other night which I hope will elicit at least a couple from you. It ain't hard -- really. And it's certainly worth it.

The contact information can be found by using the links.

Dear Mattel,

Macabre and oversexed dolls for little girls aged 6 to 12?  You gotta’ be kidding!  Mattel’s “Monster High” dolls represent an audacious and alarming new low for your company.  One could hardly imagine a less sensitive, less responsible product.  What a sad devolution of what was once a noble company.

Of course, because of your decision to market such dolls to fragile and impressionable children, I will not buy any Mattel products at all.  And I’ll be passing along my concerns to friends, family and to others in my church, business, blog, social networking sites and so on.

Dear Senator Nelson,

We have asked you for many years to join in the effort to remove tax funding from Planned Parenthood, the nations #1 abortionist who is now killing nearly 350,000 preborn babies every year through surgical abortion.  And though you’ve long claimed to be pro-life, you have not come aboard.  Hmmm.

How about now?  With the recent revelations through undercover videotapes of Planned Parenthood staffers from around the country covering up statutory rape and even giving advice to sex traffickers in how to escape the law, are you finally going to begin aggressively working to de-fund this nefarious business?

I await your response – one that doesn’t bother to play the “separate pockets” argument.  Planned Parenthood should not be getting a dime of taxpayer money.

Dear World Vision,

Please get out of the family planning business and get back to your original vision, that is, preaching the gospel and tendering the love Christ to the needy through direct relief.  Until this change is made, I cannot support World Vision any more nor can I encourage others to do so.

And here's one Claire wrote:

Dear Congressman Terry,

I am very disappointed by the cave-in of the Republicans in Congress.  The so-called budget deal might be a start but you guys were re-elected to do some major and lasting overhaul on the out of control spending and deficit. You didn't do it.  You let the President and Harry Reid call the shots -- again.  Why? You're in charge in the Congress -- do the job that we sent you to Washington to do.  If you guys can't, there are others who are willing.