Friday, April 22, 2011

A Busy Easter Week

It's been quite a week over here!

This month's LifeSharer letter was finished and sent out...There was the usual blogging every morning...Monday's P.A.L. Night produced over 70 letters which we have been sending out all week...We had a presentation of "When Swing Was King" with another scheduled for this afternoon...We spoke to three other nursing homes who have invited us to do "WSWK"...Our somewhat reduced sidewalk counseling team was in action in Bellevue...New material was sent over for translation for our Russian-language website...Writing, editing and correspondence projects were completed...A very important strategy meeting in Lincoln with other pro-life leaders to develop new opposition to Planned Parenthood...Facebook activity...House and lawn work...Visiting Mom...Sermon preparation.

Why do we do it? The same reason that you do your various ministries -- we're Easter people living (for the time being) in a Good Friday world!

But, as one of our Easter weekend posts below emphasizes, Sunday's comin'!

Have a great Easter celebration.