Thursday, March 10, 2011

On Obama's Watch, Gas Prices Up 67%

When Barack Obama took the helm in January of 2009, gasoline was selling at less than $2 a gallon. The costs have soared an amazing 67% since then.

Here's 4 observations about this phenomena. 1) The price of oil continues to soar under Obama's failed presidency.

2) It's been established by NewsBusters that the media connected higher gas prices to George W. Bush 16 times more than they have to Obama. This despite the much higher prices under Obama's tenure.

3) Even in view of how terribly Americans are being effected by enormous gas prices, Barack Obama refuses to allow petroleum companies to go get the oil that we (not the Saudis or Chavez) already have access to!

And 4) Yesterday it cost me $61 to fill my tank. And, because of Obama's disastrous policies (no drilling, incompetence in dealing with the Middle East, etc.), there's no relief in sight.

Indeed, it could get even worse real quick. Remember, President Obama's Secretary of the Interior once said he didn't mind if gasoline hit $10 a gallon.

Unbelievable. If a President was deliberately trying to destroy the American economy, he couldn't do a more complete job than what Barack Obama is doing.