Friday, February 25, 2011

Vital Signs' Monthly Letter: Why the Evangelical Absence at Public Pro-Life Events?

The February LifeSharer letter featuring details from ProLifeCon and the March for Life in Washington, D.C., the Walk for Life in Lincoln, and updates from Vital Signs Ministries is up over at the VSM website. Here's an exhortational excerpt:

...That poor performance of evangelical Christians in the national March for Life is also seen in those state marches that occur throughout the nation.  Lincoln’s Walk for Life is an example.  Catholic schools, Catholic organizations, Catholic churches and clergymen, Catholic laymen – all are represented but it takes a very, very close look to discover evangelical counterparts.  This must grieve God deeply.  Evangelical Christians find time to go to concerts, movies, church picnics, endless youth events, men’s conferences, women’s conferences, sporting events and a whole bunch of other things.  But we can’t be bothered to join in the most important public testimonies against the despicable evil of abortion?

Pastors, really.  Why can’t you urge your parishioners to join you for a Saturday morning stroll through Lincoln?  It’s only one Saturday a year.  And pro-life state legislators say over and over again how important this public testimony is for their work to be most effective.  So why aren’t you there?  Christian school principals, how about you?  Why are all the school banners one sees in these events from Catholic schools?  Youth pastors?  Here is a short term mission project that is inexpensive, quick and easy – yet one that can be a life-saving as well as a life-changing ministry.  Why is it that year after year you overlook this wonderful opportunity?

Oh, what a difference we could have made in the culture wars of the last 40 years had we raised our voice in the public square - peacefully, winsomely and in concert with others who share our convictions about life and justice and decency.  What a difference we could still make!...