Thursday, February 24, 2011

Remember Planned Parenthood's Violent Superhero?

Do you remember Planned Parenthood's violent superhero, the costumed biddy who gave away condoms to minors and killed (by drowning and exploding) those that disagreed with her value-free sex ed philosophy?

Well, you probably don't because the cartoon was removed from the Planned Parenthood web site in 2005. However, as the huge abortion business gears up to protect its continued government funding, it's only proper for taxpayers like you and I to review what Planned Parenthood is all about.

Certainly this cartoon does not make for comfortable viewing but a far greater offense is to let slip the opportunity we have to expose Planned Parenthood as a profane organization whose major sources of income are 1) brutally killing preborn boys and girls through surgical and chemical abortions and 2) American tax monies. So, pass it on.