Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chicago Teachers Party in Vegas...And the Taxpayers Pick Up the Tab

 Fact 1) The Chicago Public Schools system is facing a $700 million budget shortfall. Fact 2) The failure of the system to properly educate students (even to protect them from harm) is a well-known scandal. Fact 3) Some special needs students are not receiving the services they are, by law, supposed to be given.

Given these facts (and I didn't even list the horrendous episode from last year involving a pattern of sex acts occurring in class, girls humiliated and tortured for informing their parents of these orgies, and the failure of the system to fix these outrages), would you, as a Chicago taxpayer, be a bit miffed to learn that a gang of Chicago teachers just used your money to go have fun in Las Vegas? Fun that included $125-a-bottle champagne, limousine rides and steak lunches?

Might it also disturb you to find out that a $6,000 food and liquor bill from teachers partying in a Soldier Field skybox came from your taxes?

Shortfall? That ain't the teacher's union's business to worry about. That's just the taxpayer's problem.

Ah, it's business as usual in Barack Obama's and Rahm Emmanuel's home town. And it's a business model they're devoted to "redistributing" all over America.