Monday, February 28, 2011

Catching Up

We feel a little bit like "empty nesters" today. For after successive visits from my sister Sherry, my brother Ric, and then my sister and her husband, Linda and Jon, we're back on our own.

We had a great time with all of them and they were certainly a blessed, bracing tonic for my Mom. But we have fallen behind on a few tasks and so the next few days we will be playing a little catch up.

Even through the visits we were able to keep things pretty well on course: blogging, compiling the Top Ten and sending it, a couple of "When Swing Was King" performances, working on Volume 9 of "When Swing Was King," getting the LifeSharer letter out, preaching, etc. We were also able to squeeze in some social fun like dinners out with Mom and our guests, with Allen and Cindy Nelson, and with Dr. Ralph and Carol Kramper. We even managed to read Jeff Shaara's The Glorious Cause in order to be ready for our Notting Hill Napoleons meeting last Saturday night.

But now it's back to the routine...after we clean this empty nest, that is. And maybe sneak in a nap!