Monday, January 17, 2011

Public Schools? Private Schools? Let's Go to the Golden Globes.

The only bit of the Golden Globes that we caught last night were the rambling, self-congratulatory comments of Robert De Niro. However, it turns out that as long as those two minutes seemed, we actually missed most of his remarks, including the jokes that were taken by many critics as strange, unwelcome and even racist.

But we did file away De Niro's departing line for it was a surprisingly candid admission of Hollywood's real opinion about education. For despite the politically-correct credos of the Left regarding government schooling, De Niro said (and I'm paraphrasing from memory), "After all, we're in this lucrative business so we can send our kids to private school."

Now I don't know if De Niro's remarks were supposed to be a joke (a self-deprecating reference to the vast wealth of movie stars) or not. But the fact is clear -- the liberal rich DO send their kids to private schools, even while they champion the Democrat party and its teachers' unions who fight tooth and nail against merit pay, school choice, school vouchers, and so on.

But what's a little hypocrisy between friends?

However, in reading reviews of the Golden Globes this morning, I did see that Ian Brennan, the executive producer of the Fox program “Glee," an edgy series portraying a public high school's glee club which competes on the show choir competition circuit, was more in sync with the party line. In receiving the award for best TV series in the comedy or musical category, Brennan singled out public school teachers: “You don’t get paid like it, but you’re doing the most important work in America."

Brennan has no children.