Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Story LifeSharer Is Up

I have forgotten to mention that the December LifeSharer letter from Vital Signs Ministries is up and available at our web site. Actually, it has been for awhile but I've kept overlooking to mention it here.

(We have been a tad busy.)

Anyway, this month's letter is a short story called, "The Magic Lantern Christmas." It is inspired by our experiences with residents who have attended our "When Swing Was King" presentations in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. I hope you find it interesting and encouraging.

The story concerns repressed memories of a magic lantern show from a military hospital in 1944 and how those memories are finally recalled by a similar presentation decades later. The links between them are the revelation of Christmas truth and the invitation of Christmas grace.

And don't worry about reading the story after Christmas. It's only Day Four of Christmas anyway!