Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Alleged Sex Offender (75 Years Old) Continues to Rake In Public Education Dollars

The distraught 6th-grade girl said she was forcibly held, kissed and groped by a teacher in a closed room. He was arrested. Officials would not explain what happened since, but sources said the criminal charges were apparently dismissed, and a DOE disciplinary case was "dropped on a technicality."

The teacher would not meet with school investigators personally. But he submitted a document admitting he had hugged the girl and even kissed her three times. But she didn't protest his actions and he never became "aroused." Good grief.

The investigator, not surprisingly, recommended that the teacher's job be terminated.

But that didn't happen. Instead the teacher was relieved of all working duties but not denied his full salary and all fringe benefits. Thus, the school district is still paying him 13 years after the incident. And long after he has reached normal retirement age.

Indeed, with Social Security added to his school package of over $97,000 a year, the fellow is banking a cool $120,000 plus every year.

Do you see anything wrong here?