Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Abortionist Sent to "Ethics Class"

Randy Alcorn reports on the "hideous irony" surrounding the case of Dr. John Eiland, the Washington abortionist who I told you about back on December 16th -- the abortionist who killed his own preborn baby after having an affair with a co-worker.

First, why should anyone be surprised that a man who kills children for a living would have a sexually inappropriate relationship with a co-worker and try to cover it up by murdering his own child? This is a man who has spent his life accumulating substantial wealth by murdering other people’s children. He does this not occasionally, but daily.

And what message does the Washington State Health Department send when he is caught doing this? That his biggest crime was this: failing to keep records of his child-killing and failing to refer the killing of his child to be done by one of his colleagues. (It would have been perfectly fine for him to kill one of their children in exchange for them killing one of his, as long as proper records were kept.)

The ultimate irony is the way the authorities attempt to take the moral high ground. The man will be given “ethics training.” The way the health department has deemed best to deal with a licensed child-killer is not to eliminate child killing. It is not to take away his license to kill children. It is to send him to an ethics class so that in the future he can kill children without being unethical.

Randy's comments can be read in full at his blog, located in the pages of the Eternal Perspective Ministries web site.