Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Is Good For You!

“Research Shows Grateful People Are Healthier.” That's the headline that grabbed Barb Malek's attention and it got her to thinking -- and writing. Check out her timely essay right here. Your Thanksgiving will be all the richer for it. Plus, as I commented on Facebook yesterday, it is of particular value if you're looking for conversation material with those non-believers or even nominal Christians that you'll be sharing turkey with!

And, while I'm thinking of the Maleks, let me mention that John has started a blog as well. A New Jersey boy who came all the way to Nebraska on a track scholarship, John met Barb in college and they somehow decided to stay here. We are among the many who are delighted they did.

John brings to his blog a spiritual insight borne of many years of Bible study, marriage and parenting experience (the Maleks have four grown children, the oldest boys are married too), a lot of reading, church leadership, work in the insurance industry, a love of baseball and decades of exceptional service as a pro-life activist.

John's latest entry at his blog (In Pursuit of Reason) is a fine review of Charles Dickens' David Copperfield.