Thursday, October 21, 2010

Vital Signs: As Busy As Ever

Earlier this week I had the honor of speaking to the congregation of Faith Bible Church on the near south side of town, the radio audience of Kristen Kelly's KCRO program, and the hundreds of web surfers who have stopped by Vital Signs Blog.

We've also uploaded our new Power Point presentations ("Heroes" and "Abortion and Church History") onto Vimeo and GodTube -- along with You Tube where we had already parked them a couple of weeks ago.

We had a terrific letter-writing party on Monday night, finished an essay for a church newsletter, and did our regular sidewalk counseling duty on Monday morning.

Last night I had the honor of speaking to two groups of little kids at Faith Bible Church's AWANA Club. At around noon, Claire and I will be treated with my Mom's presence at lunch. (Claire took her to a doctor's appointment earlier this morning and then shoe shopping.)

Tonight Claire and I will drive out to Columbus, Nebraska to address the faithful pro-life group there.

Tomorrow we will be downtown at the Via Christe assisted living facility to present another edition of "When Swing Was King." Then the next day (Saturday) we'll be doing a presentation at yet another facility.

Vital Signs Ministries, after all these many years, continues to be as eclectic, exciting and challenging as ever before.

But, Lord, I do need to get the lawn mowed sometime!