Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Unemployment Not 9.5% But 17%. And That's From "60 Minutes!"

Yes, you read that right. Not having watched 60 Minutes for a couple of decades, I wasn't aware until yesterday that Sunday night's program included a frightening, heart-rendering segment on the plight of the unemployed in Silicon Valley.

Given the show aired just a week before the national elections -- and given the program's historic cheerleader role for all things Democrat -- President Obama must have been shockingly disappointed.

Larry O'Connor has a review at BigGovernment.com as well as a link which allows you to watch the whole 60 Minutes segment. I did and was very moved: 1) to pray for those losing their jobs, homes, sense of security and self-worth; and 2) to work even harder to toss out those bums in our government who have messed up things so terribly.