Friday, October 22, 2010

Obama's "Safe Sex" Programs Take Over

"Risk avoidance is the only method that works. So, when we talk about drugs or we talk about alcohol, what do we teach our kids? Don't drink. Don't use drugs. But when we come to sex, we say 'use a condom'?!"

That's the common sense voice of one parent bemoaning the loss of a federal grant which funded "Just Wait," an abstinence-based sex education program in the Knoxville, Kentucky schools.

But Knoxville isn't alone. The Obama administration has dropped funding for 169 abstinence-based programs across the nation, deciding instead to pour even larger amounts of taxpayer money into programs that teach "safe sex" techniques -- programs that have been proven to be miserably ineffective in reducing teen pregnancy.

This is irresponsible, immoral government power at its worst.