Thursday, October 14, 2010

Obama's Redistribution Plans on Schedule. Living Standards in the West Decline.

New claims for jobless benefits climbing higher than expected? The trade deficit and inflation both soaring? Queen Elizabeth II, as a cost-cutting measure, canceling the royal Christmas party?

And the New York City Council (the same gang of Nanny State bureaucrats who are injudiciously going after pro-life pregnancy centers) requiring their citizens to get "green" toilets like they're using in Europe?

Has Barack Obama already been successful in redistributing the wealth? Looking at how the West's economic and cultural standards are moving towards the Third World, it kinda' looks like it.

By the way, those new toilets will assuredly make life a bit uglier for New Yorkers. Like they need that, huh? Plus, those toilets will not save water anyhow since one has to flush again and again to get the job done. Trust a fellow who has dealt with toilets in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, India and Africa to tell you the truth. Efficiency toilets aren't.