Wednesday, October 06, 2010

"I'm An American"

From the song's writer/performer, John Schwarzman:

Does this song say what you are feeling? I'm a "spare bedroom" guitar player who was inspired to write and produce this song and video. I hope it inspires you. If you like it, please leave a comment, share it with others and pass it along! Send this video and its message around the world and back.

I'm happy to say that the song was featured on Sept 16 in an hour-long segment with Gary Sutton and Jim Horn on News Radio 910 in York PA. They invited me on the air to talk and to take calls. Never done anything like that before! Gary and Jim said it went really well. They and their listeners could not have been nicer. It was awesome!

People have asked - "I'm an American" is available at iTunes and Amazon. The album cover art has the title and says "Play it loud. Play it Proud." Can't miss it!

Thanks for viewing!

By the way, the young guy kneeling on the far right of the first row of the flight crew picture was my own Dad. The photo was taken during B-17 flight training school in 1943.

(Hat tip for alerting me to the video to Liberty Juice.)