Monday, September 27, 2010

Zipping Through Monday

Monday's are always just too busy for us all. And, at least in our case, they seem filled with the most eclectic of duties. Today, for instance, we've already been out sidewalk counseling. Then we dropped by Rosenblatt Stadium to buy a group of tickets to a couple of Omaha Nighthawks games. Then it was a bit of shopping (Claire) and blogging (me).

And then lunch. (Claire made hamburgers.)

Next it was dealing with the nursing home director because of yet a new "situation" concerning my Mom. Then calls to friends scheduled for tonight's book discussion and a consensus decision to postpone it. (Hayek's The Road to Serfdom is no simple read and it turns out that most of the others were as unready for the discussion as we were. Whew.)

Next up, we have another presentation of "When Swing Was King" to do at a local nursing home. They are combining our regular audience with the assisted living residents too so we should have quite a crowd. Neat.

Left on the schedule after that? A visit to Mom's, mowing the lawn, figuring out how to upload our Power Point presentations onto YouTube, doing so and, hopefully, getting a bit further into Hayek.

By late tonight, it will finally be time to brew up a cup of tea and watch (via Netflix instant download) the next installment of "Monarchy" that we've been enjoying. If you are interested in British history and have a Netflix account, we would recommend this series for you too. It's really been good.

And then comes Tuesday.