Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Texas AG Acts. We're Still Waiting for Nebraska AG To Do Likewise.

LifeNews. com has a story here about the Attorney General of Texas moving against certain practices of the abortion industry to insure the health and safety of that industry's clients. Specifically, the AG's actions are 1) to prohibit "telemed abortions" altogether and 2) require places that distribute the dangerous RU-486 abortion drug to obtain an abortion facility license.

This Attorney General's willingness to intervene in the abortionist's business and to take charge regarding the insurance that certain health and safety measures are in place makes me wonder yet again at the claims of Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning that his office has nothing to do with such things. That is all, as we're told by his letters and conversations with his staff, the business of the state health department.

But isn't the AG responsible for oversight and enforcement of all state law? That means investigation and follow through and, if warranted, prosecution -- not a hands off policy.

When Nebraska pro-life activists first inquired of the AG about those horrendous charges made against late-term abortionist Leroy Carhart (charges made by former employees), we were told that the investigation was ongoing and details couldn't be shared. Then, when weeks went by with nary another word, many of those same pro-lifers asked the AG again about what was being done. The answer was quite different then -- we were told that such charges were the business of the health department. The state AG had nothing to do with it!

Granted, it's been a long time since my junior high civics class, but I'm pretty sure I remember the role of a state's Attorney General. And I'm becoming more and more concerned that Jon Bruning isn't playing the game.

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