Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Nitpicking Nitwits of the U.S. Senate

As the Matt Drudge headlines point out, the Democrat-dominated U.S. Senate adjourned way, way early for campaign season without even passing a budget!

But the salubrious solons did make time for passing a law requiring TV commercials to stay at the same volume as the regular programming.

Now, I suppose that loud commercials are a bit of a nuisance but with America at war, our country enduring an economic meltdown, tyrannical thugs threatening the world's security, a crumbling infrastructure, and our nations' morality melting into yet more violent crime, gangster killings, and abortions -- as well as that bit of unfinished business like getting a budget in place -- do we need the federal government worrying about the volume levels in TV ads?