Friday, August 27, 2010

A Long To-Do List for the Weekend

I'd love to look towards the weekend as a respite from the tough going of the last several days but, alas, that's not to be. But that's okay. As Grandma Ellsworth used to say as she handed me a rag or a dust mop, "There's rest on the other side of the Jordan, Dennis. But on this side, you've got work to do!"

You're right, Grandma. And focusing on the future helps give strength for today's tasks. And the tasks for this weekend are a'stackin' up: looking after Mom (who has had a much tougher week than I have); getting Sunday's sermon ready; reading Nevil Shute's "No Highway" for literary club on Saturday night; helping Claire with some cleaning and fix-it projects since the book club meeting is at our place; compiling and sending out the Top Ten from Vital Signs Blog; watering the lawn; editing the background music for a "Church History and Abortion" Power Point we've put together for the internet; and finishing the next edition of "When Swing Was King" so that we can go through it a few times before presenting it at a nursing home on Tuesday afternoon.

Sometimes that far shore of the Jordan looks even sweeter than normal.