Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pro-Homosexual Tyranny at Georgia College

Now here is a school bullying problem!

Augusta State University in Georgia claims that students coming to the school will find "strong academics, outstanding faculty, and the resources they need to succeed."

What the school does not reveal, however, is that they demand the student must leave at the entrance gate their intellectual independence, their conscience and any prior moral convictions they have -- or else get the hell out of their progressive environment.

A remarkable case in point is the demand by ASU officials that a Christian counseling student renounce her views on homosexuality and undergo a "re-education plan" which includes training in "diversity sensitivity," doing additional reading and writing additional papers which will describe the results of the "re-education" on her prior beliefs. The student is also ordered "to increase exposure and interactions with gay populations. One such activity could be attending the Gay Pride Parade in Augusta.”

The plan calls for the student to complete a monthly report on how the “remediation” assignments have influenced her beliefs so that faculty can “decide the appropriateness of her continuation in the counseling program.”

If the student refuses to this outrageous tyranny (supported, remember, by the tax money taken from Georgia citizens) or if the brainwashing process doesn't work well enough to insure a change of belief, ASU promises her that she'll be unceremoniously kicked out of the Counselor Education Program.

For crying out loud. George Orwell himself couldn't have made this kind of thing up.

The student facing these persecutors is a 24-year old woman who wants to attain her master’s degree in counseling at Augusta State. And though she never denigrated anyone in communicating her embrace of biblical teaching on sexuality, simply explaining her views calmly and in appropriate circumstances, the college instituted this oppressive and thoroughly disgusting brainwashing regimen.

And you still think Christian values aren't anathema to the folks who run America's institutions of higher learning? And you still doubt that education officials won't use the powers at their disposal to coax, command, and even coerce students into the "group think" categories they've predetermined?

The battles of the culture war do not get any hotter than those being waged in America's schools. But those fights are more desperate than even the difficult ones you and I wage in the public square for students must fight for their freedom, their religious faith, their virtue and their conscience against the most enormous odds.

They need our support and help. They need our prayers. And they need warrior attorneys who serve with organizations like the Alliance Defense Fund, who have already entered the fray by filing suit against Augusta State University.