Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why the Pro-Abortion Movement Is Bummed Out

Lamenting to pro-abortion (and dying) Newsweek magazine last spring, Nancy Keenan from NARAL admitted that the "thrill is gone" from the pro-abortion movement. In particular, she noted they are losing the young, losing the enthusiasm, and losing the battle against technology.

Of the March for Life in Washington, the 58-year old Keenan jealously pined, "I just thought, my gosh, they are so young, There are so many of them, and they are so young."

Keenan's right. The studies show youth in general (as well as young women) are much more pro-life than the last couple of generations. Also, more than half of these young pro-life Americans consider abortion a "very important" matter when it comes to voting. Only 26% of young pro-abortion voters believe the same.

No wonder the aging feminists are bummed out.

The magazine report also included the concession by pro-abortion leadership that science is against them. Former NARAL president Kate Michelman, for instance, admits that the "window to the womb" created by ultrasound technology has weakened the pro-abortion position. She bemoans that it "has clearly helped to define how people think about a fetus as a full, breathing human being."

Interestingly enough, Newsweek itself, a magazine long on leftist bias and short on journalistic professionalism, was so bothered by the bad news delivered by these aging feminists that it followed up their article with a forum designed to help enlist and equip younger pro-abortionists.

But when you hope to rev up your movement by relying on the likes of a magazine that is nearing extinction itself, you're in pretty deep trouble.

Of course, the abortion lobby is losing the American people. The evidence for the humanity of the preborn child is too overwhelming. And the effects of 4 decades of legal abortion in the United States have proven incredibly tragic: the heartbreak and guilt, the psychological and physiological damage, the ruined relationships, and the coarsening of culture which has led to many other travesties against the sanctity of life.

This is why the pro-abortion movement so desperately needs the activist courts and a Nanny State without humane ethics. For they must force where they cannot persuade.

And this is why a pro-life activist like myself, with all I have to do in the "regular" duties of Vital Signs Ministries, must also dedicate time, effort and prayer to stop the power grab of Barack Obama and the abortion zealots in his administration.

If the designs of tyranny are not checked, it will not matter what science reveals about the humanity of the baby in the womb or how revolting abortion is becoming to the American people. The controversy will be taken out of our hands.

And so we fight on, determined to champion the sanctity of life -- in part, by insuring that the intentions of this radically pro-abortion President are soundly defeated.