Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ray Stevens Is Winning A Bunch of New Fans

You loved Ray Stevens' "Come to the USA" so now enjoy (and pass around) his terrific "Throw the Bums Out" which I embed below. But after watching this great clip, please consider throwing a few kudos Ray's way for producing these creative, funny and punchy songs -- songs that will definitely help fuel the ongoing political reformation.

You can do this by visiting Ray's web site which is full of interesting info and fabulous entertainment. Among the things to consider is the nifty 22-song CD "We the People" which I just bought (along with a couple of other albums). Neat stuff.

Among the 22 songs in the "We the People" album are the title track, Dear Andy Griffith, The Global Warming Song, Fly Over Country, We Are the Government, If 10% Is Good Enough for Jesus, Obama Nation, and, of course, Throw the Bums Out and Come to the USA. Plus a free DVD accompanies each order with the songs We The People, Thank You, Caribou Barbie and Throw The Bums Out on it.

C'mon, you can't lose here. Ray Stevens is a terrific music talent, a very inventive and funny guy and a genuine patriot who is sticking his neck out to bring our country back from the brink. Let's give him our support and, by so doing, enjoy some down-home country humor.

Now check out "Throw the Bums Out."