Thursday, April 22, 2010

There's Too Many Malthusians on the Planet

Malthusians are always wrong about everything. The extent of their wrongness cannot be overstated...

It isn’t because they’re stupid… well, it might be a little bit because they’re stupid. But more fundamentally it is because, while they present their views as fact-based and scientific, in reality they are driven by a deeply held misanthropy that continually overlooks mankind’s ability to overcome problems and create new worlds.

Over the last couple of years, spiked! has run several superb articles refuting the claims of population controllers. You can read them all right here and I'd advise those of you who want to be "up" on this important subject to do so -- just book mark the page and read one of the articles every few days.

But you might want to start with this one by spiked! editor Brendan O’Neill, "Too Many People? No, Too Many Malthusians." It gives a succinct history of the overpopulation mania along with a nifty little primer on rebutting the primary arguments of these guys. Very good stuff.