Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Facebook Woes

This morning when I logged on to Facebook I had to fight back against its new move to grab my personal information and scatter it to the cyber winds. Bad Facebook!

The specific trick they attempted this time was to forcibly connect me to pages I hadn't chosen. For instance, because my Profile page listed where I work, what high school and colleges I attended, what fan pages I've signed up for, etc., Facebook was requiring my Profile page be posted on those sites. There was no way I could say no except to uncheck every box they listed. So now my Profile page has been chopped up considerably, taking away information that I had wanted friends to see -- but not anyone on the planet.

I'm very, very close to scrapping the whole Facebook fiasco. Not that they care very much -- they've probably got enough of my data anyway.

I'm not the only one bothered, of course. Here's a recent article (and a very good, very detailed one at that) from CNET News, "How Facebook Is Putting It's Users Last."